{ "about": { "name": "Claudio Santoro", "gender": "male", "age": 21, "social": { "skype": "sant0ro", "email": "claudio.santoro@ieee.org", "linkedin": "https://linkedin.com/in/claudio-santoro", "github": "https://github.com/ovflowd", "keybase": "https://keybase.io/sant0ro", "facebook": "https://www.facebook.com/ovflowd", "instagram": "https://www.instagram.com/ovflowd" } }, "education": { "languages": { "english": "advanced", "german": "beginner", "portuguese": "advanced", "spanish": "beginner" }, "studies": { "University of Brasilia": { "Bachelor degree in Telecommunications Engineering": { "start": "July, 2014", "ends": "Decemeber, 2020", "gpa": 3.0 } } }, "certifications": { "SENAI": [ "Transversal Skills in Programming Logic", "Transversal Skills in Information and Communication Technology" ], "Google": [ "Google Certified Educator" ] } }, "employment": { "Mudee Incorporations": { "Senior Software Engineer, Real Estate Platform Development": { "start": "August, 2017", "ends": "February, 2018", "description": "Leading the backend team of a platform for renting and selling real estate in the state of São Paulo. Dealing with several different challenges and algorithms and contributing to the development of the platform in an agile and efficient way." } }, "University of Brasília": { "Research Fellow, LATITUDE Laboratory Complex": { "start": "November, 2014", "ends": "February, 2018", "description": "Decision acting in many research and software development cooperative projects between Brazilian government and the University of Brasília. Working in stages upon planning, modeling, research, development, testing and deploy. Acting with different technical positions, like Supervisor or direct Developer." }, "DevOps Engineer, Universal Internet of Things": { "start": "March, 2015", "ends": "January, 2018", "description": "Providing Infrastructure services to an open source software project, 'Universal Internet of Things', planning, deploying and maintaining the organization's infrastructure." } }, "Triciclo Ecologic Sustainable Solutions": { "Software Developer, Ecologic Solutions Softwares": { "start": "Feburary, 2017", "ends": "July, 2017", "description": "Acting as developer of Tririclo's frontend & backend solutions in recent months. Developing content management systems, web services and various contents that allow Tricycle to be able to operate in the market." } } }, "collaborations": { "GitHub, Inc": { "GitHub Campus Expert": { "since": "August, 2017", "description": "GitHub Campus Experts are trained to enrich the technology community at their schools. A Campus Expert helps and provides support for the academic, development and engineering community to enrich the development of new technologies for an open source world." } }, "Docker, Inc": { "Docker Campus Ambassador": { "since": "September, 2017", "description": "Being a docker Ambassador means enrich your academic community and local country community with Docker resources. Being a Docker Student Ambassador means that you will help your community on learning container technologies and Docker technologies, being a Community Leadership." } }, "Microsoft, Inc": { "Innovative Educator Expert": { "since": "September, 2017", "description": "Being a MIE standards for giving the last of Microsoft tech on your institution. An MIE raises the education of it's College by applying innovative leading technologic methodologies to the classroom." } } }, "awards": { "Microsoft, Inc": [ "Microsoft BizSpark Awards, 2015 Edition", "Microsoft BizSpark Awards, 2016 Edition", "Microsoft BizSpark Awards, 2017 Edition", "IBM Global Entrepreneur Program Attendee Award" ] } }